I. Regulations and forms of payment

Customers pay by cash, bank transfer or in the form agreed upon by customers with the company.

II. Shipping policy, delivery

At locations where the company has direct delivery routes, the company will deliver the goods to customers at the locations where customers have registered. Areas without direct delivery routes of the company: customers will come directly to receive goods at the company’s warehouse.

III. Warranty Policy

iCare Pharma does not apply warranty policies. On each product is printed Expiry date of the manufacturer.

IV. Return / exchange and refund policies

iCare Pharma has no exchange / return and refund policies.

V. Information security policy

1- Purpose and scope of information collection

The information security policy is one of the policies that iCare Pharma website (hereinafter referred to as “we” for short) pays special attention to when customers buy goods on our system.

We are committed to not selling, sharing or exchanging personal information of customers collected on the website to any other third party.

The personal information collected will only be used within the company. When you contact us, the personal information we collect includes:

+ Full name

+ Address

+ Email Address

+ Phone Number

The above information will be used for one or all of the following purposes:

– Providing & consulting information related to products and services provided by us

– Call to guide customers where to buy the most convenient product

2 – Scope of using information

The personal information collected by customers will only be used within the company. We may share your name and address with our sales or distributor department so we can contact you for advice.

3 – Information storage time

We will store the Personal Information provided by customers on our internal systems in the process of providing services to customers or until customers request to destroy the information provided. .

4 – Means and tools for users to access and edit their personal data

You can call us directly at Hotline: 1900.088.883 or contact via email: customerservice@icarepharma.com.vn we will correct or delete the data to help customers.

5 – Commitment to privacy of customer personal information

For us, the confidentiality of our customers’ information is extremely important.

We know that you will be very concerned about whether the information you provide us is confidential, secure or not. Therefore, we create this privacy policy to demonstrate our commitment to privacy and security. Through this Privacy Policy, we want you to understand our collection of customer information, the use and sharing of information, and the security of our customer information.

We will not share your information with any other company nor use it for any business purpose. We only use this information for the purpose of providing advice related to health, products and other useful information to customers or to the company’s sales department, distributors. products in customers’ areas to direct customers to purchase.

The administrator recommends that Members keep the confidentiality of information regarding their access passwords confidential and should not share them with anyone else. If using a shared computer, Members should log out, or exit all open Website windows.

Customer service center: 1900.088.883

Email: customerservice@icarepharma.com.vn

Best regards!