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Question: My condition is a lot of hair loss?

Lately my hair condition has fallen a lot, I have lost it every day, my forehead area is the most affected, I’m feeling very worried! Ask a doctor to help me, with such a situation, what should I do to minimize hair loss?



Hi .

He has not provided a clear amount of hair loss per day so it is difficult for us to determine exactly whether he has symptoms of hair loss or not.

Often hair loss in quantities of more than 60 fibers a day is a sign of hair loss. There are many causes such as hormonal disorders, stress, scalp, inflammation … When you lose so much hair, you should use a suitable product to treat it. is a sensible diet.

Information to him to know.

24.07.2019 – Dr. Care – Supporter

Question: Too much dandruff, is it a fungus?

I don’t know why my hair is dandruff too much, after shampooing it all, after drying it will flake off white and white scales that look like dandruff. Is the doctor advising me to see if there is a scalp? Using any product to effectively treat it?




With the situation I described above, there is a high chance that I will get fungal scalp.

The reason is because the fungus, also known as bacteria, easily grows in a humid environment, so when shampooing does not dry out your hair and wear a helmet when your hair is still wet, or if you sweat a lot, it is a good environment. Beneficial for thriving microflora causing dandruff, scalp fungus.

With the case of scalp fungus can now completely cure her home, but there are many poor quality products, not reputable, so when you buy to use, note. In iCare Pharma, we have Ezema 50 which is also quite effective for scalp mycosis, you can find out more. The decision to choose how is up to her.

25.07.2019  – Dr. Care – Supporter

Question: Scalp itchy and scaly, please consult

Hello doctor, I’m 25 years old this year. In the past, when I was at work, I used to shampoo my hair, so I found itchy scalp and dandruff. When I went to a dermatological examination, I was diagnosed with a fungus but the medication did not cure the fungus. I have had hair fungus since 3 years. My scalp is oily. I often stay up all night and smoke a lot. So the doctor let me ask how my condition is treated. Can I use Ezema 50 to regrow hair!




Your case may be because your scalp has increased sebum production, causing fungus and dandruff. Want to treat the fungus you need to treat both oily scalp and mushrooms in parallel.

Staying up late and smoking a lot are especially bad for your hair, which can affect the activity of hormones in the body, which can also increase sebum secretion in the scalp.

You can use Ezema 50, which is suitable for cases of seborrheic dermatitis caused by seborrhea, so you can use it soon to improve your hair condition.

Thank you

28.07.2019 – Dr. Care – Supporter

Question: Is genetic hair loss treatable by a physician

I’m a 23 year old male. She started to lose her hair and showed a bald M-pattern at the age of 16. My father is similar to me, I think it’s genetic bald so I don’t go to the doctor.

But now I can see clearly that my bald forehead is quite high, my hairline is very thin like being shrunk, the oil on my scalp is very much. I was young, so I lost confidence in communication.

I only need hair regrowth 2 to 3cm on both sides of the temple. Doctors have any way to help me. Let me know how to treat and for how long? Thank you very much!!




With the symptoms as you describe, you probably have male genetic baldness.

The cause of baldness is usually due to the increase in the amount of DHT hormone in the body, which attacks the hair follicles and shrinks the hair follicles, causing hair not to be nourished, degraded, and shed. In men, this amount of DHT hormone is concentrated in the forehead and sides of the temple, causing hair to gradually fall in a higher direction from the forehead to the top of the head and create an M-shape.

In this case, you should use Dermato 200 days to apply evenly 2 times, use continuously for 2 to 4 months to help prevent & support hair loss and at the same time replenish the weak nutrients for hair. biotin, viamin B5 … help prevent hair fungus, scalp itching, stimulate hair back to you!

29.07.2019 – Dr. Care – Supporter

Question: Want long fast hair can use Dermato 200?

I accidentally cut short hair but not suitable, I want to use Dermato for fast and long hair, is it okay? I don’t have hair loss, but my hair is thin.




To get long, fast hair, you should perform our following methods to get the effect as fast as expected.

Eat enough nutrition to have the best hair growth and development from the inside.
Shampoo just enough for a clean scalp, dirt that will slow down hair growth. But do not wash too much due to the loss of hair protection oil, hair is vulnerable. Should wash from 2-3 times per week with cool water. If you wash with boiling water, you should add some essential oils such as lemongrass, grapefruit peel …
Scalp massage enhances blood circulation on the scalp. Avoid stress, insomnia.
Hair mask regularly for 2-3 times per week with natural ingredients such as bananas, strawberries, avocado, eggs, aloe vera, honey to help hair grow fast.
Using Dermato 200 every day helps stimulate hair roots to help hair grow longer. You use continuously from 1 to 2 months for the best effect.

30.07.2019 – Dr. Care – Supporter

Question: I have red acne, peeling skin (psoriasis), itchy spots

I have a red rash, peeling skin (psoriasis), an itchy rash. Went to a dermatologist. The doctor identifies atopic dermatitis. Prescription: – Skin cream: Lotusalic 15g. – Likipar moisturizer Because I was too far from the hospital, I could not be re-examined. Please ask with the above two types, which one to apply first and how long the interval between two applications is. Lotusalic used up to many days, the distance between 2 treatments is how long




You can apply 2-3 times / day, two hours apart, should apply lotusalic first. For treatment, it should be continuous, you re-examine on schedule to check the status and to be adjusted medication. Also, pay attention to clean personal hygiene, avoid friction as much as tight clothing on the injury.

30.07.2019 – Dr. Care – Supporter

Question: Does a lot of shampoo help long hair?

Hi doctor. I’m 32 years old. My hair is in a very slow growing state, thinning and losing a lot. There are many people who tell me to wash my hair everyday so my hair grows longer. The consultant helped me if washing a lot of hair helps long hair fast? And besides washing your hair, is there any other way to help hair grow long or not? Thanks expert!




All women wish to have beautiful hair to own a comprehensive beauty for themselves so they are very eager to have a beautiful hair as expected, they find every way to make their dreams come true. .

However, it is not always good for the hair, especially for those with thin, thin and weak hair.

Regular shampooing, too, not only does it not give you a better, faster hair, but it can also cause you a lot of problems that you didn’t know because shampooing will cause scalp and legs. The hair is affected by the chemicals in shampoo, the rubbing during shampooing makes the hair weaker, dry, split ends and may shed more because the scalp could not produce enough oil needed to nourish. The most healthy hair naturally.

Moreover, maybe not everyone knows how to wash their hair properly, this also causes hair damage is not small.

So how to shampoo properly?
Each week should only wash your hair 2-3 times to have beautiful healthy hair.
The first is to wash your hair with warm water so that the hair roots can expand the nutrients from shampoo, conditioner or hair mask best. Finally wash with cool water because this thin layer of water will help keep hair moisturized and softer.
Opt for natural herbal shampoos like Antisol, for example, which are gentle to protect your hair. When shampooing only use a sufficient amount, do not abuse the shampoo but use too much in one shampoo.
Use a conditioner that is suitable for your hair type.
In the process of shampooing should be gentle with massage movements to help blood flow better to nourish hair follicles. Avoid scratching too hard to injure the scalp.
After shampooing, use a cotton towel to gently rub the hair to create friction that will cause hair breakage.
Limit the use of a hot dryer to quickly dry your hair. The best way is to let the hair dry naturally.
Some ways to help your hair grow long you should know

Comb your hair gently 2 times daily in the morning after waking up and at night before going to bed. This helps the oil on the scalp be brushed down the hair to keep the hair smooth and fast. Especially, don’t brush when your hair is still wet because the hair is now 3 times weaker than it is when the hair is dry.

If you have time, you should wash your hair with natural herbs to help prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth, such as: Bodhi, grapefruit peel, lemongrass, green tea leaves, etc. cool water is used for shampooing.

Use some good essential oils for your hair 2 times a week such as grapefruit oil, citronella oil, lemon essential oil or lavender essential oil, …. help clean the scalp and stimulate the development. hair growth to the maximum.

Build yourself a scientific diet and full of nutrients to help your body stay healthy and own a beautiful hair with foods such as eggs, milk and dairy products, salmon , nuts, legumes, fruits rich in vitaminC, beef, lean chicken, green vegetables, ….

Using soft silk pillows when sleeping is a great way to protect your hair because soft silk fabric will not create friction for the hair during sleep to prevent hair from drying out and breaking.

Regular scalp massage to help stimulate blood circulation on the scalp helps you have healthier hair follicles that stimulate hair growth.

If you do yoga, then regularly do a handstand that helps your blood flow to your scalp and will stimulate hair growth. If you do not do yoga, you can choose the exercises of standing upright and bending to perform steadily every day for at least 15 minutes to have stronger hair.

Do not tie your hair too tight as this will damage the hair, causing stress and brittle hair.

Do not expose your hair to direct sunlight and smog, so make a habit of wearing hats and tight hair bunches every time you go out.

Pressing your hair regularly is also a great way to stimulate long hair growth, try it now. Clicking on your hair roots once a month will give you surprising results.

Limit the continued use of beauty chemicals and apply high heat to your hair. After styling, give your hair enough time to recover if you do not want to own a thin, wavy hair.

Each week should be masked for hair from 2-3 times with natural masks such as: Banana, avocado, cafe, strawberry, honey, coconut oil, …. so that the hair is well nourished than.

We hope that the above share of us will help you  feel more secure about her hair. Good luck and successfully apply our methods. Thank you !

31.07.2019 – Dr. Care – Supporter

Question: How to treat scalp fungus

In the scalp, the child suffered from flaky lesions, new layers appear in this layer, the discharge is very uncomfortable and itchy. She examined a doctor who said she had a fungal scalp, applied topical and shampoo but did not recover. Please ask the doctor why the fungus? What do I do?




Scalp fungus is a form of inflammation under the hair root, because fungus is the main “culprit.” Appears externally in the form of ulcers, into large round patches. Or appear with white patches, scaling on the scalp. Scalp fungus spreads by spreading directly through the cells on the scalp, or indirectly by sharing hats, combs, and hair ties with an infected person.

Fungal scalp causes baldness, alopecia, desquamation, ulcers and pus discharge. Accompanied by a feeling of itchiness, discomfort and strange smell on the scalp. To find out exactly if you have head fungus, you should see a dermatologist for a fungal test (the doctor will scrape from the lesion into a 10% KOH solution and look under a microscope to see if Mycelia or accurate diagnosis is made by fungal culture.If scalp fungus, if not treated early, the fungus will spread and persist.

The treatment of scalp fungus is not the same as other fungi on the skin, because the inflammation occurs under the hair root, so when using topical drugs it is difficult to “reach” the area. Once you have a scalp infection, divide your hair into separate sections to avoid spreading it. Can be used in combination with shampoos like Antisol to limit the spread. Use this shampoo regularly. Always keep your hair dry and clean. In your case, you should see a dermatologist for a positive and definitive treatment to avoid recurrence.

01.08.2019 – Dr. Care – Supporter

Question: Is there any medicine for folliculitis?

Every summer, the pores in my arms and legs became red, pustular, itchy. I have folliculitis, how to treat?




As the signal you describe may be a sign of folliculitis. The causative agents of folliculitis have many types. Most cases of folliculitis are caused by staph. In addition, it may be caused by gram-negative bacteria, Pseudomonas, Proteus …, yeasts, filamentous mushrooms, Herpes virus infection, molluscum contagiosum and demodex parasites. If untreated, folliculitis will turn into white pustules at the head, causing soreness, which can turn into boils, worse than boils, potholes or subcutaneous tissue inflammation.

Folliculitis is not difficult to treat. Depending on the cause of the disease, appropriate medications include topical and systemic medications.

Local treatment, can use anti-bacterial drugs to treat folliculitis quite well as betadin, iodine alcohol, creams or antibiotic ointments such as bactroban, fucidin …

Systemic treatment in cases of severe inflammation spread to the body and recur. The oral medications are mainly antibiotics, antifungal drugs, antiviral drugs …

Progressive folliculitis often persists, or recurs, so it is absolutely necessary to follow the directions of a physician.

Because there are many causes of folliculitis, you need to see a doctor to determine the cause of the disease and take the right medication. Avoid arbitrary use of drugs, which can easily lead to incurable disease, but also cause many unpredictable complications …

01.08.2019 – Dr. Care – Supporter