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Pure Radient extraction technology

Radient extraction technology is a technology that safely extracts high-value ingredients from products of natural origin.

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(Photo: Process extracted from Radient technology)

The core technology of Radient is called MAP, microwaves-assisted processing can yield significantly higher yield and purity than conventional natural extracts.

Why is MAP a great improvement over the conventional methods:

  • Few devices create more products. MAP technology occupies a relatively small amount of personnel compared to conventional methods, while productivity is higher.
    In a recent example, a customer who extracted lignans from flaxseed could achieve a purity of 65%, significantly exceeding the initial target purity of 35%.
    MAP maximizes the amount of target compounds recovered per biomass unit. Besides, it is possible to isolate and extract compounds that were previously considered uneconomical.
    Mining time is usually measured in minutes, not hours, with customers seeing an improvement of 90% or more.
    MAP allows customers to significantly reduce their use of solvents. In one example, a customer reduced the solvent ratio from 10: 1 to 4: 1, while switching from toxic to benign solvents.

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