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Many surprising benefits of Gurjun essential oil on health

There are very few documents in the country about Gurjun essential oils. But in the world, there have been many studies on this essential oil. In addition to its use in the wood processing industry, Gurjun trees, when extracted into essential oils, are also useful for health. In some previous articles, iCare has mentioned the main treatment support of Gurjun essential oil. Particularly in this article, we will mention a few interesting uses that you may not know

I. About Gurjun essential oil

1.1 Botany

Gurjun tree – scientific name is Dipterocarpus Turbinatus. This is a genus of the Dipterocarpaceae family and is also a member of the Sesquiterpenes chemical family. Gurjun tree originated from India and some Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia. The tree has an average height of 30 – 35 meters The bark is dark brown, shallow and flaky

Gurjun tree originated from India and some Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia. The tree has an average height of 30 – 35 meters The bark is dark brown, shallow and flaky

1.2 Gurjun essential oil

Gurjun essential oil is extracted by the process of steam distillation. This method is performed on the roots, rhizomes or stems, fruits or seeds of the Gurjun (Gurjan) tree. Gurjun essential oil is a light yellow or amber liquid. It smells of fresh wood, slightly pungent but fresh.

Gurjun essential oil is soluble in alcohol and insoluble in water, its main components are B-caryophyllene, a-gurjunene, B-gurjunene. With its chemical properties, Gurjun essential oil is widely used in formulas of perfumes, cosmetics and medicines.

II. Uses of Gurjun essential oil

2.1. Relieves depression

Anxiety disorders leading to depression are characterized by prolonged depression or loss of interest in normal activities. Since then caused significant weakness in everyday life. Therefore, in the treatment regimen of psychological experts recently added scent therapy

With the use of Gurjun essential oil, patients will feel less stressed, dispel some of the frustration with the surrounding events. The reason is that when breathing Gurjun essential oil, the components in the oil will stimulate the release of happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine. These hormones along with various chemical reactions in the body and mind. Since then all negative feelings will disappear in that moment

2.2. Prevent infection

Gurjun essential oil has anti-infection properties. This use makes Gurjun essential oil a natural remedy used to treat bacterial and fungal conditions. It also prevents infection and promotes the healing process of the skin. In addition, Gurjun essential oil protects wounds and sores from necrosis

2.3. Soothe inflammation

Chronic chronic inflammation can cause a number of diseases and complications. Typically rheumatism or even cancer. According to numerous studies, Gurjun essential oil has a calming effect on inflammation. In particular, if the inflammation or irritation causes a fever, Gurjun essential oil also helps relieve fever-induced pain. This means Gurjun essential oil is very helpful in treating a variety of skin conditions. As well as some internal infections like arthritis or gout

2.4 Speed up wound healing

Wound healing is a complex process in which the skin and subcutaneous tissues heal themselves after injury. It is possible to describe wound healing into a separate timeline of the physical attributes that make up the healing process after injury. Gurjun essential oil speeds up the healing process of cuts and wounds. At the same time, this essential oil also speeds up the fade of scars. It is also effective in removing blemishes, acne, chicken pox and measles.

Gurjun essential oil speeds up the healing process of cuts and wounds

2.5 Features astringent and regenerating skin cells

Active ingredients that balance the skin and tighten pores are often used to stimulate blood flow to the skin. This is mainly due to their cooling effect on the skin. Gurjun essential oil is very good at regenerating new skin cells. Therefore, this essential oil keeps the skin looking healthy, youthful and full of vitality.

Gurjun essential oil stimulates the contraction of muscles, nerves and skin. Since then, experts have demonstrated that Gurjun essential oil acts as an anti-aging agent.

In addition, Gurjun essential oil enhances the ability to hold gums on teeth, prevent sagging skin, hair loss and loosen muscle tissue. In addition, the chemical components in essential oils also help prevent bleeding by constricting blood vessels

2.6 Stimulates blood circulation

Gurjun essential oil stimulates the heart and raises blood pressure by stimulating the creation of new cells. The use of Gurjun essential oil will help improve the health of blood vessels and boost metabolism. As well as stimulating the blood circulation and the function of the lymphatic vascular system

2.7 Reduce body odor

Body odor is mainly the result of apocrine sweat glands. This gland secretes most of the chemical compounds needed by the skin to convert it into odorants. The sweet, pungent and rich aroma of Gurjun essential oil eliminates or hides body odor. However, it should be used in diluted form. Because the aroma of this essential oil can be very strong for the sense of smell of some people.

2.8 Strengthen the immune system

The immune system is the body’s defense against infectious organisms. The benefits of Gurjun essential oil are antiviral, antifungal or antibacterial drugs. This property helps the immune system function properly by eliminating harmful pathogens that cause disease symptoms.

2.9 Improve respiratory

Gurjun essential oil improves respiratory status because it helps stimulate the immune system. From there it provides antioxidants and improves respiratory circulation. Respiratory conditions include chronic obstructive lungs, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, the common cold, cough or flu.

2.10 Improve skin condition

Gurjun essential oil helps reduce inflammation and restore skin balance. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Gurjun essential oil is a good choice for people with sensitive skin and is especially good for those who have redness due to erythema and skin irritated by eczema

Gurjun essential oil helps reduce inflammation and restore skin balance


III How to use Gurjun essential oil properly

3.1 Check the quality of essential oils carefully before use

You should choose or ask whether essential oils are contained in dark glass bottles or not to prevent the oils from being photosynthesis or plastic degradation. Do not buy essential oils that are bottled in transparent or opened bottles. The reason is that the essential oil is highly oxidized, easily damaged when exposed to light. The bottle of dark essential oil has a smooth surface that prevents any chemical reactions from occurring under the influence of both inside and outside.

You should look at the ingredient list in essential oils, to avoid substances that can cause skin irritation or unhealthy.

Essential oils are stored in dark bottles

3.2 Dilute essential oils with some carrier oils

The concentration of components of essential oils distilled from nature is very high. Therefore, to be safe, you should dilute it before use with some conductive oils. These conductive oils have the potential to greatly increase the use of essential oils.

3.3 Test skin’s reaction to essential oils before using

Gurjun essential oil is very gentle so it is suitable for all subjects. However, to ensure skin safety, before using, you should apply a small amount of diluted essential oil to the skin on your hands. If you feel skin redness or signs of discomfort, immediately rinse with cold water. Also, avoid using essential oils

3.4 Body areas should not use essential oils

Essential oils are very concentrated, easily causing a burning sensation. Therefore, absolutely do not apply essential oils on sensitive body areas such as eyes, mouth, throat … Especially do not apply to open wounds.

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