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Emerging Technologies Advance Oral Drug Delivery

New approaches enable more patient-centric drug design that offers improved outcomes. Oral delivery has long been regarded as the most preferred route of drug administration and over the years, research in this field has made significant strides despite the numerous challenges. Barriers limiting effective oral drug delivery include poor solubility, membrane permeability, hydrolysis or enzymatic degradation

Technological Advances in the Medical Laboratory

Technology moves at light speed these days, and the advancement of technology in the medical laboratory is no different. If you’re a medical lab technician, you have to be up on the latest inventions and innovations all the time. While medical office assistant courses will help get you up to speed, keeping an eye on emerging trends is

Making Essential Oils – Steam Distillation, CO2s and Absolutes

Aromatherapy Goes ‘High Tech’- New methods of essential oil extraction are entering the mainstream of aromatherapy, offering new choices in oils never before available. With the new labels of ‘CO2’ and ‘SCO2’, along with the traditional ‘steam’ and ‘hydro’ distillations, ‘absolutes’, and ‘cold pressing’, a little education for the aromatherapy enthusiast can go a long

Essential Oils: Extraction, Bioactivities, and Their Uses for Food Preservation

Abstract Essential oils are concentrated liquids of complex mixtures of volatile compounds and can be extracted from several plant organs. Essential oils are a good source of several bioactive compounds, which possess antioxidative and antimicrobial properties. In addition, some essential oils have been used as medicine. Furthermore, the uses of essential oils have received increasing

Phytonext extraction technology

Overview of Phytonext? Phytonext is a new extraction technology, especially suitable for selective extraction of phytochemicals from natural materials. This technology is a lighter alternative to toxic hexane and acetone currently used in the food industry. Many of the extracted chemicals have functional properties that can replace the currently used synthetic chemicals. Therefore, these plant

Pure Radient extraction technology

Radient extraction technology is a technology that safely extracts high-value ingredients from products of natural origin. (Photo: Process extracted from Radient technology) The core technology of Radient is called MAP, microwaves-assisted processing can yield significantly higher yield and purity than conventional natural extracts. Why is MAP a great improvement over the conventional methods: Few devices